Made in BKT: Maglift

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Today you can have a close look at Maglift, a little BKT solid tire designed for forklifts that ensures excellent performance, stability and high load capacity.

Today we are entering the amazing world of logistics. In particular, let’s talk about tires and equipment operating in huge warehouses where they move heavy and precious loads every day – often not without risks. Yes, you guessed it. It’s forklifts we are talking about - these compact but powerful industrial trucks performing delicate lifting operations and handling heavy goods.

BKT has specially designed a solid tire that ensures excellent performance, stability and high load capacity for this type of equipment: Maglift - and today you can have a close look at it.

Maglift is a tiny, little BKT tire, but don’t be fooled by its compact sizes! This technological and powerful tire has a lot to offer.

As to our experience, the features that users appreciate most are its extraordinary load capacity and the outstanding driving comfort.

Maglift excels in performance as a result of several special compounds providing:

  • Extraordinary cut and wear resistance, which turns into an extended product life-cycle;
  • Outstanding stability and safety during lifting operations;
  • Comfort: the central part of the tire section is designed with a softer compound resulting in excellent riding comfort.

Furthermore, Maglift has been designed for minimum floor marking in warehouses and storage facilities. We know very well that cleaning is a basic requirement in many environments, i.e. foodstuff warehouses.

Let’s not forget that the reinforced tire structure eliminates slippage risks even in the extreme usage conditions and provides excellent adhesion on the rim. The special bead shape simplifies considerably the mounting operations on the rim.

Last but not least, Maglift ist available in a large variety of sizes to meet any specific requirements! Discover them all on our website. And remember, each size is also available in a “LIP” version.

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