Made in BKT: XL GRIP (BHL)

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XL GRIP (BHL) is developed ti equip backhoe loaders used for intensive excavation, dozing, loading and material handling operations.

What’s the secret when the job gets tough? It’s all about finding the perfect ally to overcome any challenge. In the most demanding environments such as construction sites, quarries and mines, unity is strength, and our XL GRIP (BHL) is certainly the most reliable and loyal ally you can have! Ready to take a closer look at its extraordinary features?

XL GRIP (BHL) - your golden treasure!

The excellent quality features of XL GRIP (BHL) are particularly suitable for backhoe loaders, i.e. vehicles used for intensive excavation, dozing, loading and material handling operations.

  • Heavy duty

Extremely strong, sturdy and durable. This is the perfect tire for all heavy-duty operations a backhoe loaders carries out. The use of tires able to cope with the most demanding operating conditions in both industrial and OTR environment is essential. So XL GRIP (BHL) is the right choice!

  • Resistance

Thanks to the special tread compound, XL GRIP (BHL) has an extremely long life cycle. This tire offers extraordinary resistance to cuts, tears and chips, and is able to withstand any adversities.

  • Stability

Last but not least, this tire provides excellent stability - an essential requirement for excavating and material handling. The non-directional tread pattern ensures exceptional traction, avoids the risk of tilting, dropping loads, or any other unexpected movements.

Won’t this tire become your best ally, too? 

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