Practical loader maintenance tips
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Practical loader maintenance tips

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Five handy tips for a perfect daily-maintenance routine of loaders: click here and find them out!


Here we are! Back again to talk about the maintenance of your machinery. As already mentioned in the past, carrying out small but regular maintenance operations helps a great deal to extend the life-cycle of all your equipment, and of course it leads to cost saving and best return on investment. Today, we are taking a closer look at the maintenance of loaders, and we’ve five handy tips for a perfect daily-maintenance routine, which can be easily done by the operator.

5 tips to keep your loader in perfect shape

  1. Tires

As it goes for all types of equipment, tire fitness, i.e. the general conditions of your tire, and inflation pressure are some of the aspects you should always keep a watchful eye on. As part of your daily routine, start with a visual inspection of your tires: watch out for possible signs of deterioration such as punctures, damages, cracks, or pieces of debris or stones stuck among the lugs. As manufacturer, we recommend that you rely on a scheduled maintenance program by your trusted and specialist tire dealer. They will perform periodical checks on tire conditions and inflation pressure. In the long run, this choice will be one of the best things you can do for your company, since it will result in a significantly extended tire life.

  1. Drive shaft

It’s always necessary to check the drive shaft belt and clamping screws. Don’t underrate these drive unit components. Any failure may lead to expensive repair.

  1. Radiator

Make sure that the radiator is clean and doesn’t show any accumulated dirt. This can avoid motor overheating, especially in the hot season. Any leakage of cooling liquid or residual of hydraulic fluids in proximity to the radiator may lead to excessive dirt accumulation on the fins, limiting or blocking the air flow. The result is overheating and can easily damage the engine or other important components. Pay attention all year long, but especially during the hottest months.

  1. Gearbox oil level

Always check transmission fluid levels and any condition that might overload gears, since this may cause overheating and irreversible damages - especially during longer use of the equipment.

  1. Bucket

Let’s not forget accessories: regularly check all surfaces and edges of your loader’s bucket. These are important elements for this part’s long durability. Remember that a clean bucket that is free of debris and any sort of scale or crust contributes to reduce strain for your equipment when loading material.

BKT recommends... Earthmax SR 43

For your loaders, we strongly recommend Earthmax SR 43, a radial tire that guarantees excellent performance during all loading operations. The special tread design ensures optimum traction and extraordinary stability. In addition, the reinforced sidewall minimizes the risk of cuts or damages due to friction. In a nutshell: robustness, and resistance against cuts, snags and punctures stand for a longer tire life making Earthmax SR 43 the ideal tire for your loaders.

So, what do you think? How do you solve maintenance matters?

To be continued... in our next post, you’ll find some useful tips for your excavators… STAY TUNED!

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