Renting a haul truck? You only stand to gain!

Renting a haul truck? You only stand to gain!

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Four advantages of renting a rigid dump truck. Let's find them out on the BKT blog.


Welcome back, dear friends! Have you ever thought of renting a rigid dump truck or any other piece of equipment to better do your job? Renting a vehicle or piece of machinery really offers plenty of benefits in terms of cost savings, safety, and tailored service. At the same time, it is a good practice that helps you improve sustainability. Which are the benefits? Let’s find out together!

4 advantages of renting a rigid dump truck

How can you benefit from making use of rental services?

1. Cost savings. It’s an open secret that buying a rigid dump truck is quite a cost-intensive operation - not only in terms of purchase costs, but also if you think of maintenance, assistance and repair. Far too often, companies operate with very little margin. So, rental is definitely a great idea to spend less and increase operating efficiency at the same time. Of course, this goes if you need to use the equipment for a limited period of time.

2. Specific equipment. You need a special rigid dump truck, a cutting-edge super vehicle that is both environmentally friendly and reliable in terms of productivity? Rental services enable contractors to choose their buddies out of an extensive eco-efficient and innovative equipment fleet, whenever and wherever necessary. This means you can use exactly that sort and piece of equipment you fancied for the job.

3. Safety. Rental companies always look for finding the most sustainable and the safest solutions offering their know-how by means of training days helping you to find out all your equipment’s secrets. Moreover, since construction techniques are in continuous progress, labor costs increase just like sensitivity towards safety matters.

4. Tailored service. A quick glance at one of the many websites on the internet is enough to understand which rental services meet your needs 100%. A list of available models for each sector and application that can be customized with any extras and even colors. Certain and calculable costs, full service on the part of the dealer in addition to the possibility to try out your rigid dump truck on the field and on the job. As a result, you will learn about all technical features - even in view of a possible purchase

BKT recommends… Earthmax SR 45 Plus


You wonder which tire we’re going to recommend for your rigid dump truck? Without any doubt, Earthmax SR 45 Plus, is your ideal partner for long-haul operations. Thanks to its special tread design, this tire shows excellent self-cleaning qualities, absorbs vibrations on the road and minimizes the noise level.  

Safety, extraordinary grip, and resistance are its distinctive features. Besides, the All Steel casing structure provides excellent stability withstanding any external impact. Cuts, abrasions, and chips are nothing to fear for this tire that ensures top resistance and traction even at the harshest environments such as quarries, construction sites, and mines.

Have you seen how much you can benefit from renting equipment?

And you, where do you stand on this matter? Would or wouldn’t you rent a haul truck?

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