Skid steer tires: purchasing and maintenance tips

Skid steer tires: purchasing and maintenance tips

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Skid steer tires: which are the right ones for your needs and how to ensure a long tire life? Learn more here.

Choosing the right tire for your specific needs and taking care of it - these are two winning moves to increase both durability and productivity of your purchase.

Today, we are stopping by the world of skid steer tires. Are you ready to learn how to find out, which tires are the right ones for your needs and how to ensure a long tire life, thanks to a few little things to do? Do you want to know more? Here we go!

How to purchase a skid steer tire?

Well, this seems to be a stupid question. But it’s not. Every tire has its specific strengths and weaknesses that vary depending on the application, for which it has been designed. That is why before going eagerly shopping a tire, you should carefully evaluate, which are the conditions the tire will have to face.

So, it’s important to purchase that product for your skid steers that best suits for the job and season: are you in charge of excavating projects in summer or do you need to clear snow in winter? Don’t forget taking into account the kind of surface – hard or smooth – your equipment will operate on.

Have you got a clear picture of the situation now? Great! So, you can look for your wallet, but don’t forget maintenance!

Maintenance tips for skid steer tires

Buying a perfect product isn’t enough, if you don’t follow a specific maintenance program. Here are some golden rules to keep your skid steer tires in perfect shape for the longest possible time:

  • Tire cleaning.  Cleaning once a day, keeps the doctor away! This is the motto you should adopt. Oh yes, if doing so, you can much more easily inspect your tire, looking for hazards such as bubbles, cracks, or any debris that may have deposited on the rubber.
  • Regular tread control. Like an eagle, visually inspect the tread to spot any foreign matter stuck. To do this, watch out and check whether there are any irregularities along the tread. This quick check will help you prevent serious damages and find valid remedies in time.
  • Protect rims. It often happens that you crash into smaller or larger objects on the job. Another little but helpful tip is to use tires with integrated tire guards.
  • Monitor inflation pressure. Keeping inflation pressure under control is another winning move for a long tire life. Follow the manufacturer’s specification taking into account the type of job and surface you are going to do. To achieve best performance, use a handy and reliable pressure gauge, and regularly check inflation pressure – daily or once a week. Address to an expert tire dealer for best advice.

BKT recommends… Skid Power

Asking BKT how to equip your skid steers, the answer cannot be but Skid Power. It’s the ideal choice for industrial applications and earthy surfaces in construction applications, thanks to exceptional traction and first-class self-cleaning features.  Without any doubt, other distinctive qualities are the extra-deep tread and specific sidewall protectors.  This combination ensures great resistance against cuts and chips along with an extremely extended tire life-cycle.

A perfect choice for skid steers, isn’t it? Find out more on our website!

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