SPOTech - The BKT technology for mining & quarry

SPOTech - The BKT technology for mining & quarry

Let's talk about technology in the OTR world. For this field BKT developed SPOTech, a cutting-edge monitoring system that collects data on haul truck activities.

We’ve already talked about technology in the OTR world, and we’ve seen that it is a useful tool to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a technological solution BKT has developed for mining and quarry as well as for port applications. It’s called SPOTech and stands for Satellite Performance Optimization Technology. What is it about, you ask? Let’s find out together!

SPOTech is a cutting-edge monitoring system that collects data on haul truck activities by means of GPS systems, GoPro cameras and accelerometers for improving productivity, efficiency, and operating conditions within mining sites or quarries. 


How does it work?

It’s a flexible system that can be installed on any type of equipment. You can set it up in about 10 minutes. And then you go! With the data logger installed at the front, SPOTech monitors all aspects of your vehicle’s movement and path. For your best convenience, you’ll receive recorded data and video output directly in the format of a productivity analysis.

Too good to be true, you think? Just relax, it is true! SPOTech is a revolutionary tool assisting our OTR customers in fleet management activities as well as in choosing the tire that best suits their requirements.

Chris Rhoades, BKT Sr. Product Manager, explained: “Since our tire lines are available in many sizes and patterns, it is important to choose the most suitable tire. Which operations should the tire perform? Where will it operate? … The answers to these questions can help our BKT team to offer our customers the best solution. Wouldn’t it be cool, if your equipment could let us know what it needs? It’s right here that SPOTech comes into play.”

Likewise, each piece of data collected by SPOTech helps to analyze in detail operating conditions when developing new products and to improve tire performance. 

The system once detected uneven ground solving a costly problem. As a result of the rough and uneven path, all dumpers had to slow down along their way to reach their destination in safety. “A small detail that cost the company around 11 million dollars a year”, said Mr. Rhoades.

This is just one example that illustrates how the SPOTech productivity analysis is able to reveal an issue, which has been ignored for a long time. And how offering a valid solution has led to eliminating critical aspects enhancing performance.

Have you ever used such a tool? What do you think about it?

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