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It’s time to talk about telehandlers. Do you know the main features of the latest products on the market? Read them in our article.

What topic are we focusing on today? It’s time to talk about telehandlers. Do you know the main features of the latest products on the market? We’ll tell you. It’s high load capacity, maneuverability, reduced fuel consumption, comfortable cabin and remote control option! 

Such a long list might be a bit confusing. So, let’s go and take a closer look at the latest and best innovations.

What’s changed? Here are the six best features of the latest-generation telehandlers

Telehandlers are pieces of equipment used in industrial loading and transport applications. Yet, what are the distinctive features of these state-of-the-art vehicles?

  • Design: their compact design optimizes operations and ensures improved maneuverability as well as ease of use. Thanks to newly developed features, they combine comfort and safety also providing higher performance and increased efficiency;
  • Driver cabin: wide and comfortable seat, all-round visibility and hydraulic functions controlled by just one joystick ensuring extraordinary performance and reduced operating costs;
  • Control panel: electronic devices assist the operator in extremely critical and demanding conditions thanks to the latest performance monitoring tools and indicator stabilization instruments;
  • Wheel ment: innovative features allow for changing the steering mode, providing excellent stability to the vehicle even in harsh environments and under tough operating conditions.
  • Radio-control systems: these are technological systems providing total vehicle control without the driver being on board. All parameters of your telehandler will be at hand through a mini console offering total control and monitoring even at a distance of 30 meters. Don’t panic! In case of danger or unsafe conditions, the system has an emergency button that immediately stops the vehicle and its functions in total safety. 

For telehandlers, BKT suggests... Con Star  

Con Star by BKT is a particularly suitable tire for telehandlers thanks to the combination of excellent load capacity and outstanding horizontal and vertical stability.

Without any doubts, resistance is another distinctive feature of this tire. Con Star is made of a special compound providing particular resistance to external agents, thus to withstand punctures, cuts and other typical damages if you operate under tough conditions. All this turns into a considerably longer tire life-cycle.

What do you think about this latest high-tech equipment? Thumbs up or down?

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