The new series of Rubber Tracks for the industrial and construction sectors

The new series of Rubber Tracks for the industrial and construction sectors

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BKT, well-known as a main player in the global tire industry, started a new era when it entered the new market segment of rubber tracks. BKT has recently announced that is ready to introduce a new product line for industrial and construction applications. These are continuously evolving sectors, where ongoing research into more performing and specific products is essential to master the challenges on the global market.  

In this context, rubber tracks are proven to be very effective in certain applications since they are able to improve the mobility and stability of machinery and vehicles in difficult and demanding situations. Indeed, MULTIFORCE, BKT’s brand-new series of rubber tracks for the industrial and construction sectors, is designed to withstand harsh conditions, especially on difficult surfaces such as aggressive asphalt, mud, rocks, debris and rough terrain. Made of abrasion-and-wear-resistant materials, the new track series ensures a long product life. At the same time, the line provides a comfortable and safe ride to operators, reducing fatigue and vibration-related problems.  

The first industrial track pattern, MULTIFORCE BK T91, designed for compact track loaders (CTL) in material-handling applications, is ready to be launched on international markets in the coming weeks.  

MULTIFORCE BK T91 is the perfect product to be fitted on compact track loaders employed in harsh operating conditions. The tread is made of a high-performance compound to ensure the maximum resistance against cuts, tears, and abrasion – main factors that can affect durability and product performance. The special compound formulation greatly combines unique resistance features and extraordinary durability, making the track suitable for daily usage in rough industrial environments. In addition, MULTIFORCE BK T91 has been reinforced with high-tensile steel cords for enhanced performance compared to traditional products, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs in relation to the replacement of worn tracks. 

MULTIFORCE BK T91 features an aggressive, C-shaped tread pattern with a high number of edges that provide extraordinary grip on the terrain in addition to top traction performance. As a result, the track is particularly suitable for a variety of surface conditions on and off the road, such as clay, mud, asphalt, gravel, and sand.  

Another distinguishing feature of MULTIFORCE BK T91 is its extraordinary and precise handling performance even in narrow spaces without compromising goods or the surrounding environment – a crucial factor for all material-handling operations, which turns into enhanced operating efficiency and increased productivity. The new MULTIFORCE BK T91, indeed, enables operators to do their job more rapidly in full safety even under extreme and demanding service conditions.  

In a nutshell, MULTIFORCE BK T91, presently available in five sizes 450 x 86 x 52, 450 x 86 x 55, 450 x 86 x 56, 450 x 86 x 58, 450 x 86 x 60, is a reliable partner that significantly reduces equipment replacement costs by ensuring a long product life-cycle. An aspect which has always been of BKT’s concern and is now becoming more and more important also in terms of sustainability. 

Wherever the needs for innovation, attention to user requirements and research go hand in hand, BKT is promptly ready for and at the forefront of finding new advanced solutions. A role model when it comes to creating a direct dialog with users, as well as synergies between supply and demand.

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