Let it snow! | RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) tackles winter conditions

Let it snow! | RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) tackles winter conditions

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Get winter ready without the need for tire chains with the RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S). Our winter tire is designed for tractors and makes light work of icy and snowy conditions, meaning that work doesn't need to be held up by inclement weather.

Winter is here, but no worries. BKT has got your back! With RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) your tractor will tackle even the most snowy and icy surfaces!

Snow can indeed make beautiful scenery, but for those who engage in winter operations it also comes with a lot of questions. How to perform at best in this period of the year? Are off road tires good in the snow? What are the best tires for off road in the snow?

BKT knows that one cannot let snowy weather hinder production and activity. Therefore, BKT has carefully developed top-performing tires to master conditions during the entire cold season. The RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) represents indeed the best option.

Be prepared to tackle dangerous roads

During the winter, roads can get difficult and even dangerous due to icy surfaces or heavy snowfall. Therefore, it is essential to invest in the right tires. It is an investment in your own security.

BKT’s winter tire for tractors RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) ensures a perfect grip for all operations on icy and snowy surfaces, due to its advanced features and high-end technology. Thanks to the incisions in the thread and the special compound, you will experience top traction, riding comfort, maximum control even at low temperatures.

Furthermore, the tire is made to provide top performance even in normal conditions on dry terrain. There is in other words no need to wait for the weather forecast, as the RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) works just as well in every situation, also in muddy and dry terrains.

Long durability

It is natural to think that working in snowy conditions could result in having to replace the tires sooner. This is not the case with this top-performing tire. BKT’s tests show that a RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) tire on the rear axle can work over 4,000 hours, compared to the average duration of 3,000 hours.

The RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) is available in 12 different sizes, and it is just one of the many patterns included in the RIDEMAX range. This BKT series, for both agricultural tires and industrial tires, has been developed to ensure stability even at high speeds, support heavy loads, and reduce rolling resistance, thus consuming less fuel.

Let the winter come

Tire chains are for many a tiresome supplement to winter operations. Challenges such as how to measure tractor tire chains, or how to mount the tire chains, can indeed be challenging even to the most experienced driver. With the RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S), you can leave the tire chains in the garage.

This winter tire from BKT ensure a perfect grip for all operations on icy and snowy surfaces, without the need of snow chains being mounted.

In other words, with RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) you can safely let it snow.

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