Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 23

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 23

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Earthmax SR 23 is an All Steel tires designed for motor graders and loaders in the toughest challenges of the industrial sector.

Today we are back to talk about the manifold facets of the industrial sector. A particularly interesting field if talking about tires.

The construction sector can be very demanding putting motor graders and loaders to the test in extreme situations. Anyway, BKT is always ready to face the toughest challenges, and this time it has hit the bull’s eye by developing Earthmax SR 23Let’s take a closer look at this special tire!

Top durability and resistance

Earthmax SR 23 has a special All Steel structure that provides major resistance to the casing against any kind of impacts, chips and cuts, or the penetration of foreign matters. An essential feature whenever there is the risk of any obstacles and damages as you can find on construction sites and yards.

Moreover, the special tread design facilitates the ejection of stones, debris or gravel, and it enables Earthmax SR 23 to better withstand wear and tear. All this turns into a longer and more productive tire life-cycle, of course. Top durability and maximum resistance make this tire perfect for the harshest environments and the most challenging situations.

As you all know, earthmoving vehicles must be able to rely on a tire that provides extraordinary grip, since they are usually employed on uneven surfaces and under the toughest operating conditions. That’s the reason why this tire has a non-directional block pattern providing excellent forward and lateral traction.

Thanks to all these remarkable features we’ve seen, the answer to your needs, undoubtedly, is: Earthmax SR 23!

You’d like to know more about this exceptional tire? So, visit our website!

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