Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 43

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 43

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Today we introduce you Earthmax SR 43, our tire designed for loaders operating at extreme conditions, especially in open-cast or underground mines. Let´s find out more about its features!

Hello everybody! Today we’re back to talk about the extraordinary Earthmax family, BKT’s radial tire lineup especially developed to favor the optimum weight distribution on the ground for dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and some multipurpose vehicles.

So, let us introduce you Earthmax SR 43, which is designed for loaders operating at extreme conditions, especially in open-cast or underground mines. Let´s find out more about its features!

Mining? Here comes the response!

You know well the sort of difficult and rough terrains you find inside mine areas that put tires at serious risks of puncture and other damages, don´t you?

BKT’s response is Earthmax SR 43 featuring an All Steel structure that provides extraordinary resistance against cuts and chips along with excellent traction and stability.

Let’s take a closer look to this tire’s strengths that ensure best performance in both loading and transport operations in mining applications as well as in other tough environments such as wrecking sites or quarries.

  • All Steel casing. As we’ve said before, a great plus of Earthmax SR 43 is its All Steel casing providing excellent robustness and major resistance against impacts, such as penetrating foreign matters and punctures. You see, these are essential features if you need to face the typical adversities of rocky environments.
  • Durability. The extraordinary resistance of our Earthmax SR 43 is the response to hard and uneven rock surfaces where the tire proves to be highly durable providing an extended product life-cycle. 
  • Sidewall protection. The particularly tough conditions in mind, in which Earthmax SR 43 operates, this tire has been built with a reinforced sidewall optimizing resistance and minimizing cuts, chips and other signs of wear caused by stones or rubbing against rocks or blocks.
  • Self-cleaning. Thanks to its unique tread design, Earthmax SR 43 shows amazing  self-cleaning properties. An essential feature facilitating the ejection of debris and stones entrapped during operations and hence better protecting the tire.

To put in a nutshell, top robustness, maximum resistance and an extended tire life make Earthmax SR 43 the right choice for safe and performing operations in mines.

You want to know more? So come and visit our website! See you soon.

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