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Sierra Max is the BKT tire for your ATV and quad vehicles employed in mud racing or struggling with other extreme ground conditions. Learn more here.

Welcome back, dear tire fans! Our focus today is the ideal tire for your ATV and quad vehicles that are often employed in mud racing or struggling with other extreme ground conditions. Here comes SIERRA MAX, the tire that loves to roll around in the dirt! Let’s find out which features make it perfect for this kind of application.

Extreme conditions - no problem at all

Whether you are racing over deserts, earthy surfaces, or rocks, SIERRA MAX seems to get a kick out of it – and you’ll enjoy the ride. This tire comes up with a radial construction that offers a remarkably smoother and more comfortable ride on these extreme terrains that aren’t suited for many types of vehicles and above all not many tires.

You are eager to know, which are other distinctive traits?

  • The special tread design and its large footprint provide peerless front and lateral traction; in addition, the lateral shoulder bars ensure top sidewall protection.
  • Comfortable: SIERRA MAX offers perfect riding comfort plus great stability on all extreme terrains.
  • Made of a special compound, this tire is extraordinarily resistant against cuts and punctures. Moreover, thanks to its excellent self-cleaning capacity, all debris comes easily off during the ride.

Whether you race for fun, sport or on your job - once you’ve tried this tire, you won’t miss it for your adventures on the mud anymore, will you? SIERRA MAX is available in four sizes. Visit our website to find out more.

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