Monster Jam: a few hints to get the most out of the show 1
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Monster Jam: a few hints to get the most out of the show

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Here are five hints before you go to a Monster Jam Show with no hassles and getting the most out of it.

Are you pretty excited about going to Monster Jam? Watching the breathtaking stunts of these four-wheeled giants and feeling the adrenaline flowing is the dream of young and old: amazing tricks, terrific backflips, and jaw-dropping stunts defying the laws of gravity. 

Here are a few hints before you go and cheer on your favorite truck! Some exclusive tips to fully enjoy the show.

What you need to know - Your guide to the show

If you’re fond of motorsports, going to a Monster Jam event is something you should experience at least once in a lifetime. But to make it really unforgettable, you’d better be well-prepared. No worries! Here are five tips to fully enjoy the show with no hassles and getting the most out of it.

  1. Buy some earplugs. Roaring engines, loud noises, thunderous crashes and squeaking brakes. It’s better to have the right protections against this blasting energy, just in case.
  1. Join the Pit Party. When buying your ticket, don’t forget that paying a little extra gives you the opportunity to access the lion’s den before the show. Here you can take a close look at the monster trucks, examine the track, take pictures and ask questions to the drivers.
  1. A nap for the little spectators. Monster Jam is a thrilling experience lasting about two and a half hours. To fully enjoy the show, it’s much better if your kids are completely rested.
  2. Choose suitable shoes. Especially if you go down to the pit, it’s muddy and slushy everywhere.  So, don’t show up with high-heels or evening shoes. It’s not a fashion show. The motto is: comfortable clothing and shoes!
  3. Take a little something for the break. The show is made up of two parts with quite a long break in-between. Take some books, magazines or toys with you to keep your kids entertained without getting bored.


BKT is the official and exclusive tire manufacturer of Monster Jam thanks to an agreement with Feld Motor Sports®, the event world-tour producer.

Following the agreement, BKT is in charge of the technical design and the supply of specially designed tires for the entire fleet. Right for this purpose the BKT Monster Jam Tire came to life equipping all racing Monster Jam Trucks.  

Besides being the official and exclusive tire manufacturer of the show, BKT is present with an own exhibition area at each Monster Jam event in North America and all stages of the international tour.

Ready to stay breathless? Now that you know how things work, you cannot but enjoy the show! 

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