Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 22

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Let's meet BKT's Earthmax SR 22, a versatile tire designed for the application on graders and loaders that guarantees excellent performance even in extreme winter conditions on ice and snow.

Today, let us become familiar with Earthmax SR 22, another member of the large Earthmax family - our radial tire lineup designed for earthmoving machinery that operate on the most challenging terrain surfaces such as large construction sites, quarries and mines.

Earthmax SR 22 is a very versatile tire that can be used in industrial applications on graders for leveling yards and construction sites as well as in the OTR segment to equip dozers and loaders in loading and leveling operations.

Great versatility and resistance make Earthmax SR 22 a unique tire: it actually shows excellent performance in extreme winter conditions on ice and snow. A feature that is particularly appreciated by those of our customers who need well-performing and efficient tires even during harsh winters when ice and heavy snowfalls, which can cause slowdowns or delays in construction site operations, are at the order of the day.

As every owner or manager of a construction company knows too well, time is a key factor in the sector, and it’s really annoying having delays on timetables just because the ground is covered with ice or snow. Earthmax SR 22 is the solution to this problem.

Thanks to its All Steel structure and the large and non-directional tread design, this tire ensures maximum traction and stability even on terrains that are rough and slippery due to packed snow and ice.

Moreover, the steel casing and the special compound make the tire resistant to punctures and abrasions, extending its life-cycle thus maximizing you return on investment.

Who of you friend is living a cold and icy winter right now? Would you like to test our Earthmax SR 22? Have your say!

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