Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 45

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Learn more about our Earthmax SR 45, an All Steel radial tire designed for rigid dumpers transporting and handling material in adverse conditions in open-pit mines and quarries

We are back again today to talk about a new addition to the large BKT tire family. Getting an inside look into the wonderful world of earthmoving machinery and notably Earthmax SR 45.

Like other tires in the range, Earthmax SR 45 is a radial tire, built with an All Steel structure and multi-ply steel belts that make it particularly robust and resistant to punctures and tears. Its rigid non-directional blocks improve the load distribution on the ground.

The Earthmax SR 45 tire is specifically designed for rigid dumpers transporting and handling material in adverse conditions in open-pit mines and quarries with rough terrain and dirt roads inside - traction being a prerequisite on these land surfaces.

Traction is its number one feature. Everything in this tire is designed and engineered with maximum performance in mind:

  • Tread: the special lug design and rigid non-directional blocks allow maximum traction and handling in any conditions. Its ultra-deep tread lengthens the life of the tire without compromising performance levels over time.
  • Structure: the multi-layer All Steel casing makes the tire resistant to any warps, even when subjected to considerable stress such as excessive loads and rough terrain.
  • Compound: especially designed for this model, is super-resistant to cuts, punctures, abrasions and other impacts which occur in these settings more often than not. In order to meet specific user needs, the Earthmax SR 45 compound has been made available in three different versions: standard, cut resistant and and heat resistant - a factor not to be underestimated when transporting tons and tons of material over long distances. Heat generated by friction in the course of heavy earthmoving operations can easily affect the tire and cause premature wear.

Cemex-tested for you

If you want to see it in action, you should read this article published a few months ago. The interview features one of our clients who chose Earthmax SR 45 for dumpers operating in a sandstone mine. What could be tougher than this for a tire?

A great success story - according to Ralf Schmidt, purchasing manager of the plant: "We work in very extreme conditions, the sandstone is hard to transport. It is very abrasive and strains both the earthmoving machinery as well as the tires. BKT and the Earthmax SR 45 tires were a good fit for us. The long-term service (more than 2,000 hours) and excellent performance in terms of reliability and durability meant ‘great value for money’ for us. Something, we think should not be underestimated for a business".

It’s very nice to hear such a good feedback - the best evidence for Earthmax SR 45’s great potential. Now, give it a try!

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