Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 46

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 46

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Today we’re taking a closer look to Earthmax SR 46, the right tire ti equip rigid dump trucks operating under the harshest conditions.

Welcome back, dear friends! As you already know, BKT has developed a special radial tire lineup for quarries and mining applications. We’re talking about Earthmax, an extraordinarily large family of tires that are suitable for the most specific earthmoving applications.

Today we’re taking a closer look to just one of them: Earthmax SR 46. This tire is always at the forefront when it’s about equipping rigid dump trucks operating under the harshest conditions. Let’s find out all the distinctive features of this extraordinary tire!

Harsh and rocky environments? Earthmax SR 46 is the solution!

What peculiarities are needed in mining operations? Resistance, durability and stability.

This doesn’t refer to the equipment only, but it goes for the tires as well. Yet, Earthmax SR 46 is the innovative response to all hazards and threats coming up every day in these environments. It’s the ideal tire for rigid dump trucks since it has been specially designed for heavy load haulage featuring outstanding resistance to cuts, abrasions and punctures.

Earthmax SR 46 has a particularly strong casing and an All Steel structure to ensure exceptional protection against any kind of stress, impacts and tears. This leads to a maximum number of operating hours. All this turns into a considerably longer tire life-cycle along with increased productivity and reduced machine downtime.

Moreover, the tread design made of a special block pattern with a circumferential groove provides excellent stability and exceptional cornering performance, minimizing the risk of tread face damage. Extraordinary self-cleaning qualities and outstanding traction complete the picture of this first-class tire!

Too good to be true? Find out all the details on our website!

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