Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 47

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Discover at INTERMAT 2015 our new Earthmax SR 47: an OTR tire designed for quarry and construction applications

As many of you know, these days we are in the beautiful city of Paris at the INTERMAT trade show - an event completely dedicated to the construction and building industries. We have some big BKT news for you! Why don’t you come to the BKT stand and see with your own eyes the OTR tires that we have designed for quarry and construction applications including three product novelties called Earthmax SR 47, SR 51 and SR 53 as extensions to the well-known Earthmax series.

Like other Earthmax products, these three new tires feature an extraordinarily resistant All Steel casing and rigid non-directional lugs that provide optimal load distribution on the ground.

You probably would like to get to know these tires up close. So, let us today start with the Earthmax SR 47. Here is its ID:

Intended use

Earthmax SR 47 is designed for rigid dump trucks operating in extreme environments including rock quarries, where tires require maximum resistance in order to tackle uneven, rough terrain conditions.


Like other tires in the Earthmax lineup, the carcass of the SR 47 features an All-Steel structure with multi-ply steel belts, ensuring optimal performance and resistance to "external agents". The result is solid and stable performance on the ground, no matter what the application is.


The tread depth of the SR 47 (E4), combined with a unique lug design, gives way to regular, homogeneous tread wear over time, extending the tire life. The higher the mileage of the tire, the higher your company’s profit.


Also the Earthmax SR 47 compound was created to achieve maximum strength. Knowing that vehicles operating on rough and uneven ground, such as quarries, are constantly up against the threat of cuts and punctures, this tire is made of a special CUT RESISTANT compound. For other user needs and tire applications, Earthmax SR 47 is also available as standard compound.

Earthmax SR 47 is waiting for you in Paris! Why don’t you just come and see it at our stand D 064, Hall 5a. In addition to size 24.00 R 35 on display at the fair, SR 47 is available in sizes: 18:00 R 33 with CUT RESISTANT compound, and 24.00 R 35 with both CUT RESISTANT and standard compound.  

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