Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 49 M

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Earthmax SR 49 M is the ideal tire for load haul dumps (LHD) and wheel loaders operating at severe conditions in rocky environments in the mining sector. Learn more on our blog.

Dear readers, today we’re back to talk about the extraordinary Earthmax family, our extensive tire lineup that is especially designed for earthmoving equipment in extreme situations, such as those you can find at big construction sites, caves and mines.

Let’s start with the mining sector, a harsh and insidious environment. For such operations, we are going to introduce you one tough fellow out of this tire lineup, namely Earthmax SR 49 M, the ideal tire for load haul dumps (LHD) and wheel loaders operating at severe conditions in rocky environments.

Its distinctive features? Exceptional traction!

As everyone knows, underground operations involve many hazards and dangers for both operators and machinery such as uneven and rough terrains, scaffoldings and galleries – in a word, tough operating conditions where problems are around every corner. A moment of inattention may become a challenge, and traction an essential requirement for operators as well as tires that day after day need to resist a high level of stress and strain.  

Earthmax SR 49 M is the right tire solution for you. Let’s find out what makes it perfect:  

  • The radial All Steel structure along with the special UMS (Underground Mining Service) compound provides best resistance against wear and impacts such as cuts and punctures or any kind of potential damage on the extremely insidious ground.
  • The L-4-deep tread ensures a longer tire life-cycle, reducing machine downtime and, as a result, optimizing productivity.
  • The particular tread design lends exceptional traction - a primary requirement in these environments.
  • Self-cleaning properties are also features you shouldn’t underrate. Actually, the unique tread pattern and lug design facilitate the ejection of any debris and stones increasing comfort even in the most difficult situations.    

Do you agree that Earthmax SR 49 M has the most suitable features for mining operations? Tell us your opinion.

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