The best BKT tires for harvesting

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Which BKT tires are the best option for harvesting? No doubt, today’s star is Agrimax Teris. Let’s find out the main features of this top-of-the-range tire, ideal for harvesting and mowing operations!

Dear farmer friends, today we are coming back to your world. A world really close to BKT’s heart, since we design perfect ranges for all sorts of applications. There are so many operations to carry out in the fields: ploughing, sowing, mowing, harvesting and transporting hay. That’s why BKT has developed various ranges focused on any specific need you may have.

Which BKT tires are the best option for harvesting? No doubt, today’s star is Agrimax Teris.

Harvesting problems? Here comes Agrimax Teris

Modern agriculture requires care, attention and the complete fulfilment of many different needs.

BKT’s goal is: making farmers’ work as comfortable and safe as possible, and constantly improving productivity. That’s why the company closely observes the main issues, focusing on how to give concrete and precise answers.

Does this sound familiar? Soil compaction, little delicacy on the soil, machine downtime, scarce tire resistance and little durability? Never say die! There’s a remedy to all this! Especially, if you have chosen Agrimax Teris!

Let’s find out together the main features of this top-of-the-range tire, ideal for harvesting and mowing operations!

Conceived for high-power harvesters and spreaders, this top-of-the-range tire stands out for its excellent traction, optimal stability and limited soil compaction effects. Agrimax Teris is light on any terrain, protecting the soil and ensuring the extraordinary harvesting performance thanks to a considerable load capacity.

These essential features are guaranteed by the robust casing structure and the wide footprint of the tire. Delicate and careful to the crops, the large contact surface allows a perfect weight distribution on the soil. In other posts, we have already referred to both soil compaction and the methods to limit it. At last, Agrimax Teris will enable farmers to breathe a sigh of relief!

Another advantage, undoubtedly, is its extraordinary resistance. Cuts and impacts due to the presence of stubbles and scrubs have no chance with Agrimax Teris, which will carry on operations - almost indestructible - offering perfect comfort and easy maneuverability to the operator.

A reliable partner that won’t let you down in the hardest moments of your job. Instead, it will assist you to reduce machine downtimes and increase productivity, also in combined operations.

Last but not least, in order to maximize performance, BKT has also developed a version with IF technology, conceived to support vehicles operating in cotton fields, carrying heavy loads at low pressure along with enhanced traction.

An innovative and cutting-edge solution to increase your yield! Ready to try it out? So, come and discover it on BKT website.

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