BKT goes digital with Tractor of the Year-award
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BKT goes digital with Tractor of the Year-award

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It’s Tractor of the Year (TotY) season and you know what that means: polished tires, sparkling tractors and dazzling farmers - all ready for screaming fans and golden statuettes.

It’s Tractor of the Year (TotY) season and you know what that means: polished tires, sparkling tractors and dazzling farmers - all ready for screaming fans and golden statuettes. But while you all prepare for your next big close-up, BKT got news for you. As you probably have figured out by now, 2020 is nothing like it and the same goes for the award. That’s why we’ve decided to roll out the virtual red carpet, an online platform applauding nominees and announcing TotY winners. All you got to do is tuning in on  www.totydigital.com to watch some fabulous tractors strutting down the digital Walk of Fame!

Wow - this is streamtastic!

Oh, we couldn’t agree more. As BKT just began its four-year-long journey as the main sponsor of Tractor of the Year, we believe we’re off to a great start. The historic award for the best European tractor takes place online and every corner of the globe can interact.

Thank you, World Wide Web.

And while you’re watching your favorite tractors cruising down the fields from your home, why not stream the three cannot-miss episodes of trending topics in agriculture as well?

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re about to witness:

1.    Connectivity
How will the field of agriculture look like in 2050 when the world has to nourish 9.5 billion people? The starring guests in this episode got you covered as they talk about the topic of connectivity and its impact on agriculture. The short answer: large quantities of data.

While analyzing environmental, climatic and cultural data, stabilizing the supply of nutrition is possible through the interaction between machinery. Here, an overview of the field is crucial, depending on drones and machines to make forecast models. Tires also must be interconnected to the machinery, with specific sensors that transmit data of activities and anticipate future events.

In its research and development center in Bhuj in India, BKT has already begun the race of data gathering to meet the demands of sustainability, safety, performance, electrification and autonomous driving.

2.    Driving experience
Next up, the story of the agricultural mechanization sector. Not everyone knows that the transformation in the agricultural mechanization sector goes back to the late 1980s, when the first GPS surveys were adopted, well before such research on cars and public transport vehicles. Since then, the trend in agriculture has been to test machines to interact with the surrounding environment, even without the presence of a man.

Self-driving tractors, in fact, seem to be the next reality, completely distorting the driving experience of the tractor that can probably be driven by remote control or via an app on the tablet or smartphone.
Many will be surprised to know that the self-driving tractor will be available in the field before any other conventional vehicle on the road. Are you ready to meet the changes?

Buckle up as you tune into the future of agriculture:

3.    Agriculture 4.0  
Last but not least, this episode is all about respecting the land as one of the key parameters of sustainability in agriculture. And who does it best? We vote for the AGRIMAX range of radial tires, using the most sophisticated technology in the world.

“Guaranteeing sustainable consumption and production models” is one of the 17 goals stated in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. In this matter, the agricultural system must expand its goals and come to terms with unforeseeable climate chaos. This means that it cannot have the yield per hectare as its sole objective. Today, Agriculture 4.0 is the most sustainable agriculture possible. From better controlled organic seeds to the use of recycled water and renewable energy, the future work in the field is near, depending on the smartest tractor to enter a virtuous circle where sustainable agriculture learns from nature.

But how to avoid damaging land and respect the parameters of sustainability? Depending on the land and the work carried out by the machines, tires will contribute to reduce soil compaction. Let’s make agricultural history together:


As we go down the road, we got to stop for a second to enjoy the simple things TotY and BKT have in common: The Award symbolizes cutting-edge technology and the same goes for BKT in our everyday life. Know-to guidance and expertise in agricultural mechanization are at the very cornerstone of our business. This Yin and Yang partnership mirrors the very importance of Growing Together for a better future of agriculture. From today on, TotY is not just an award; it is a farmland uniting agriculture fans all over the world. So prepare yourself for some exciting years of agriculture to come, because this is going to be quite a wild ride!


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