Made in BKT: Agrimax RT 600

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Agrimax RT 600 is the ideal tire for spreaders, harvesters and grassland and it ensures the least possible impact on the soil.

Dear farmer friends, today we want to introduce to you the best ally in spreading operations. What are we talking about? We are going to reveal straightaway the name of this tire, that is so respectful towards the softest and most delicate soils: It’s Agrimax RT 600.

Protects even the softest soil, while maintaining strength and resistance

There are soils and soils. Likewise, there are tires and tires. Very delicate soils that require great care and attention need the right tire to meet their needs and solve some specific issues.

Ideal for spreaders, Agrimax RT 600 is the perfect radial tire for grassland. In addition, the size 620/75 R 26 was specifically developed for harvesters. Its features have been studied to the smallest detail in order to ensure the least possible impact on the soil.

The aspects that make it so kind and gentle with the crops are:

  • the tread design with lower depth;
  • the presence and arrangement of numerous lugs;
  • the specific rounded shape of the shoulder.

A true gentleman of a tire with light and delicate manners. Nonetheless, Agrimax RT 600 does not sacrifice its important qualities, such as resistance. A versatile and flexible tire, that thanks to the broad contact surface, ensures optimum flotation qualities along with high load capacity. A perfect mix of strength, excellent stability and extraordinary traction.

Anything else? Resistance also means durability. A great benefit for productivity, which turns into a source of profit for the farmer.

Don’t you fancy a tire that is delicate on the soil and, at the same time, resistant?

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