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Having a chat with…Taschini Group

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Let's visit Taschini Group, a leading Italian tobacco producer, to discover his business and why he has chosen BKT tires.

Taking on our journey to visit final users, our today’s destination is Città di Castello, a small town located in the province of Perugia in Central Italy. It’s right here where the Taschini Group, a leading Italian tobacco producer, is based. The company has about 400 hectares of cultivated areas along with a large equipment fleet including 12 tractors, 5 harvesters, 13 motor pumps, 32 pieces of self-propelled equipment, and not least several excavators.

Let’s say hello to Mr. Giuseppe Taschini, the company owner, who is really keen on telling us something about this special farming sector, namely about cultivation methods, the type of market, and - of course - the reasons why he has chosen BKT tires.

The tobacco cultivation cycle

Let’s enter the world of tobacco and see how these plants reach a height of not less than two meters! The cultivation cycle starts with sowing in greenhouses in February. Crops are then transplanted in May by using special machinery.

Our company relies on precision farming,” says Mr. Giuseppe Taschini, who has transformed the family business into industrial farming. “Thanks to our machinery equipped with satellite technology, we are able to plant each seedling at the pinpointed spot. Not only does this favor a perfectly ed growth, it is also very helpful for the final harvesting stage.”

Once, the crop has grown, the flower spikes are removed by hand in order to increase leaves’ nutrient supply and to uniform dimensions. In late summer between July and August, it’s finally harvest time. This is done by means of specific machinery that delicately care for tobacco leaves and stems.

After being cured on large baskets and then kiln-dried for six days, leaves are transported on a conveyer, selected by hand and stored in 110-kg boxes, ready to be marketed.

How does the tobacco market work?

Tobacco sales are ruled by previously established perennial agreements, regardless of the produced quantity. Taschini Group confers its harvest to Cooperativa Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi di Città di Castello, the Autonomous Tobacco Farm Cooperative of Città di Castello, whose vice-president has been Mr. Giuseppe for 15 years.  Since 2012, the association has been part of Consorzio Trasformatori Tabacchi Italia, the Italian Tobacco Processors Consortium having an exclusive commercialization agreement with JTI (Japan Tobacco International), a worldwide leading tobacco manufacturer.

Taschini Group has opted for… BKT

So, why has Taschini Group chosen BKT out of so many tire brands? It’s Mr. Giuseppe in person, who explains: “It was in the year 2013, when we bought the first BKT tires on the recommendation of our trusted tire dealer Ciani Gomme. We tested them at first on small compact tractors, but we immediately realized and started to appreciate their quality - above all as far as both performance and driving comfort is concerned: exceptional maneuverability and no jerks – that is what any operator of my team says if you ask them! Noteworthy is also the great durability along with extraordinary resistance at the same level of brands that are considered to be the most prestigious ones on the market. We have never done without BKT tires ever since, or else: our entire equipment fleet is loyal to the BKT brand.”

It seems there is just one question left: which pattern out of the large variety of BKT-branded solutions is Taschini Group’s favorite ally? You are eager to know, aren’t you? The answer is Agrimax Force. Wow, let us see why it has come up as extraordinary operating tool? In addition to the already mentioned driving comfort for operators who are passing hours and hours on their equipment, this tire’s distinctive features are:

  • Heavy loads at low pressures: Agrimax Force is able to perfectly withstand heavy loads, without showing any sign of casing failure or separation of the internal layer as it happened with other brands the company had tried in the past. Thanks to BKT’s further developed IF technology, Agrimax Force is able to transport heavier loads at lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. Thanks to its optimum flotation features, the tire provides a definitely larger footprint doing its bit to reduce soil compaction without compromising performance;
  • Traction: an essential requirement, in the case of Mr. Taschini, as to the type of terrain. This tire perfectly adheres on the ground even under wet conditions and offers extraordinary lateral grip both in the hills and on the road;
  • Self-cleaning properties: after a few tire revolutions on the road, the tire appears completely clean;
  • Quality-price ratio: it cannot be a question of money only; performance is a must! In terms of give and take, Agrimax Force is a pretty fair compromise between excellent quality and an attractive price compared to competing brands.

And what about you, dear readers? Has anyone ever tested BKT tires? Write us your experience. We might have our next chat with… none other than your company!

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