Made in BKT: Ridemax IT 696

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Ridemax IT 696 is BKT radial tire for road and general farming applications. It offers safety, high performance, speed and flexibility in any season, even in winter.

Hi again dear readers! Today, we’re going to focus on Ridemax IT 696, another top product in BKT’s large tire lineup.

Can you think of a farmer who wouldn’t wish to have a reliable, high-performing, fast tire - 365 days a year and suitable for any job?

Good news, your dream comes true with Ridemax IT 696. This radial tire is an all-round talent for all seasons, both for road and general farming applications. Let’s find out what makes this tire so versatile.

When developing Ridemax IT 696, BKT considered a few simple questions: What do farmers want from a tire? What are their worries at the end of the day? What do they dream of? There might be different answers: productivity, versatility, resistance, durability.  

Can one tire have all these qualities together? We aren’t pulling your leg, but Ridemax IT 696 has countless pluses for you. Let’s spot them together!

Versatility for every season and ground

Just, forget about the weather forecast: Ridemax IT 696 offers safety, high performance and flexibility in any season, even in winter:

  • the exclusive and innovative tread design provides perfect grip even on snow;
  • excellent self-cleaning features, particularly appreciated when changing from field to road;
  • reduced rolling resistance that turns into less fuel consumption.  

Special compound for maximum resistance

Sturdy and strong, Ridemax IT 696 is fighting against any adversities in agriculture and industrial operations. Like a knight in a fairy tale, our hero wears armor: its “magic” power is a special compound designed to enhance resistance against cuts, impacts, and abrasion so that our tire can “live happily ever after”, in terms of durability, of course.

Fast and powerful

Strong muscles and winged feet. That’s how we could describe our tire, giving free rein to our imagination. Why? Because Ridemax IT 696 has been specifically designed to carry heavy loads at high speed, up to 65 km/h. This makes you earn time and money in addition to excellent operating comfort and maximum productivity.

All these features make Ridemax IT 696 the perfect tire for transport applications in municipality and maintenance applications.

Hard to believe, but it’s not a dream...just give it a try!

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