Say hello to BKT’s biggest radial agriculture tire! 1

Say hello to BKT’s biggest radial agriculture tire!

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Agrimax Force, BKT's most popular and most appreciated tire, came to life in its biggest size ever

Its name is Agrimax Force, which for many would be a well-known name. But no one has ever seen the famous tire this huge. Bigger than ever before, the new Agrimax Force IF 750/75 R 46 with no trouble gets attention with its diameter of no less than 2.30 meters.

And how did this new bigger version of Agrimax Force come to life, you might ask. Because of you. We are continuously listening to our users’ needs, and this is the result of the open and genuine conversations we’ve had with them.

So, what’s so special about Agrimax Force?
What we love is its unique combination of efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and resistance. The tire has all qualities to equip high-power tractors over 250HP. Thanks to the IF technology, Agrimax Force operates with a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire carrying the same load. Besides, it offers tilling equipment a larger footprint on the soil leading to high flotation capacity plus a uniform load distribution of loads at low pressure.

Why is Agrimax Force important for you?
Agrimax Force is basically our most popular and most appreciated tire, available in a wide range of different sizes. However, the tire is also a symbol of our unstoppable development of products. We are continuously listening to the evolving needs in the global agriculture, where demand and type of equipment, lands and climate are rapidly changing.

Therefore, we find it necessary and important to constantly invest in Research and Development, to increase the performance of our existing products and find new answers to your needs. Many of you have high-powered tractors and large-scale machinery and cultivate large areas with transfers to long road.

Thank you,
for letting us grow together with you. For us, this is a new step towards the future and an important milestone in our product development. All our products are a result of our philosophy that encompasses the passion for work, for the land and those long hours in the fields that only who feels the passion is able to face.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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