Made in BKT: Flotation 648

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Flotation 648 is the tire you need for transport, harvesting, or spreading both in the fields and on the road as well as for spreading applications.

Welcome back, dear friends! Let’s talk about farming again today, and we’d like to introduce you a true “all-rounder” for your fields.

Whatever you need it for - transport, harvesting, or spreading - this tire is a surety. Its name is Flotation 648. Let’s become more familiar with it!

Flotation and reduced soil compaction? No problem!

We’ve already said that this tire is perfect for transport both in the fields and on the road as well as for spreading applications. What we haven’t told you, yet, is that some sizes of Flotation 648 are suitable for hay harvesters and balers, too.

Flotation 648 offers distinct soil protection. Thanks to the special tread design, which provides high load capacity at low pressure, the tire is really gentle to the soil and comes up with extraordinary flotation features. This makes your land more fertile and ensures more yields along with minimum soil compaction.

Last but not least, Flotation 648 offers a solution for a large variety of specific needs thanks to three different versions:

  • “HD” for increased cut-and-chip resistance;
  •  “High Speed” for optimizing transfer times;
  •  “Dual Bead” featuring - as the name suggests – a double bead.

So, what do you think about this versatile tire? Discover all available sizes on the BKT website!

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