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Help your excavator facing the winter

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How can we take care of our compact excavators during the winter time? Here are 6 tips to ensure a great come back at the rise of temperatures.

We are in the middle of winter time. In some parts of the world, this means low temperatures, ice and snow. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult - if not impossible - to carry out certain operations. That is why many pieces of equipment – especially the smaller and more compact ones – take a rest in this season. But how can we take care of our compact excavators, when the weather gets tough? Here are 6 simple moves!

Six golden rules to protect you excavator against impacts in winter

Your excavator requires attention and maintenance before its standstill in order to ensure a great come back at the rise of temperatures. Let’s see:

  1. Prepare the excavator for storage: before storing your equipment clean it accurately from any grease or debris. Stick to the maintenance manual for instructions about lubrication, and slightly grease any cylinder rods that remain outdoors. Moreover, don’t forget to completely lower the excavator boom and to put all controls into neutral position.  
  2. Visual inspection: take a close look at your excavator and write down all elements requiring maintenance. Any damaged or worn pieces shall be replaced to prevent expensive machine downtime when restarting work.
  3. Check all the liquids, oils and filters: Don’t overlook motor oil, cooling liquids, and hydraulic and fuel levels. Before storing, add a fuel stabilizer into the tank and run the engine for a few minutes so as to make it circulate through injectors and pumps.
  1. Disconnect the battery: disconnect the battery and store it at a cool and dry place in order to remove the risk of running down.
  1. Keep safe: low temperatures can also damage external vehicle parts. That’s why you should shelter your excavator in a closed place, preventing paint chipping, or even worse, the deterioration of flexible hoses and wires.
  2. Don’t forget other components and accessories: switches, pales, pipes, fittings, and hardware shall be faultless and operational for the coming season.

And what about tires?

BKT recommends… EM 938

Especially designed for excavators employed in operations at roadwork sites, without any doubt, EM 938 is the best recommendation by BKT. Thanks to the special tread compound, this tire is super resistant against cuts and tears.

Other distinctive features are excellent traction and self-cleaning properties. Last but not least, the EM 938 tire’s robust casing diminishes impacts and shocks even during heavy-duty operations.

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