Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 42

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Earthmax SR 42 is a radial BKT tire engineered for haul trains in mining and logging applications. Learn more about it on the blog.

Dear friends, welcome to the OTR world! Today we are going to tell you about one of BKT’s most robust and resistant tires available among the many ranges in this tough sector. It has been specially engineered for haul trains in mining and logging applications.

Which tire are we talking about? Here comes Earthmax SR 42! Let’s see together the reasons for so much resistance and power in such an unfavorable and adverse environment.

Gravel, cold and ice? – No problem at all!

Narrow and cold tunnels with uneven surfaces: these are the situations that haul trains have to face, just like the vehicles employed in large logging operations.

These are critical and extreme conditions for operators, who desperately search for the right solution to carry on their work in safety and tranquility.

So, which are the requisites you expect from a tire? We are going to tell you soon!

  • Traction and stability

Gravel, snow and ice can do nothing against Earthmax SR 42! Its peculiar tire tread design guarantees unique traction along with lateral stability, and excellent braking and cornering performance in order to avoid slippage and bursts.

  • High load capacity

A strong and robust tire, capable of supporting heavy loads with minimal effort, distributing the weight evenly on the terrain.

  • Resistance to cuts

We all know well that adverse conditions in mines are always waiting just around the corner: stones, sharp rocks and slippery terrain may endanger tires and your safety, too, resulting in expensive machine downtimes.

Earthmax SR 42 has a special tread compound designed to be completely resistant to wear and cuts, and is also perfect in the case of extremely cold conditions.

  • Durability

Accidents happen every day, but many can be avoided by choosing the right tire for your needs. Earthmax SR 42’s extraordinary resistance turns into great durability ensuring a longer product life-cycle and increasing productivity.

You wonder why all this is possible? It’s possible thanks to Earthmax SR 42’s All Steel casing - a powerful “shield” when it is about facing everyday challenges.

You see, Earthmax SR 42 definitely presents a lot of advantages. Discover more on our website!

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