Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 50

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Learn more about our Earthmax SR 50, an All Steel radial tire designed for loaders and transporting of materials even on the roughest terrain surfaces.

Let’s turn our attention back to the Earthmax range. Our durable and robust All Steel radial tires with steel belts are designed for transporting loads even on the roughest terrain surfaces.

As some of you know, the Earthmax line has a wide range of tires, and in recent weeks, we have mentioned them on different occasions. Today, we’d like to focus on our Earthmax SR 50: the tire designed for applications with loaders that operate in the loading and transporting of materials. But where can this tire be used, you’re all asking yourselves? Well, the answer is everywhere!

We wanted to make a tire that is suitable for use in any type of environment and under the harshest conditions, including the transport of heavy loads on uneven and rocky quarry terrain or on muddy roads in large construction sites. In short, situations and conditions that really put tires to the test.

The Earthmax SR 50 won’t let you down – you’ll see. It outperforms even under the most strenuous and demanding circumstances, thanks to its unique features which include:

  • Resistance, its unique All Steel structure with multi-ply steel belts that, in addition to strengthening its casing, improves load distribution on the ground;
  • Excellent traction, due to its tread (classified as L5) 150% deeper compared to standard tread - and innovative lug design especially developed for this particular pattern;
  • Driving comfort for the operator, guaranteed by the optimized shoulder design, studied specifically to enhance lateral stability;
  • Longer tire life, thanks to its special compound that guarantees resistance to punctures, abrasions and any type of external aggression. Debris and other extraneous objects found on rough terrain may remain trapped in the tread, damaging your tire and/or casing, incurring unexpected expenses for your business. The special resistant compound reduces wear, which actually lengthens the life cycle of the tire, providing you with an excellent return on your investment.

Still not convinced of the Earthmax SR 50 performance capabilities? You’ll just have to try it out on your loader!

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