Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 51

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Discover something more about Earthmax SR 47: an All Steel radial tire designed for loaders or dozers, ideal for severe operations in quarries, construction sites or mines.

In April we previewed three new OTR products at the INTERMAT 2015 trade show in Paris: three brand–new specialty tires to expand our Earthmax range, making the lineup even more performing and able to answer any needs. Today it is about Earthmax SR 51, the highly puncture-resistant tire for loaders.

In a previous post on our blog, we told you about the first product novelty, Earthmax SR 47: just like that tire, also Earthmax SR 51 is a radial tire with an All Steel structure, an essential feature for tires operating in harsh conditions as you can find at quarries, construction sites or mines. The reinforced steel casing actually provides outstanding resistance to any kind of impacts on the terrain. The rigid, non-directional tread pattern ensures a better load distribution on the ground along with extraordinary maneuverability.

And when the going gets tough...

More than anyone else you know how hard it can be working at quarries or mines. The environment at these sites is by nature adverse and challenging for man, and it bears any kind of discomfort and significant risk factors. One only needs to think of the risk of exposure to inhaled dust particles, or the risk of landslides or subsidence: In quarries and mines, the limits of man and machinery are put to test day by day.

These sorts of environment represent a real challenge also for tires: the ground is rocky with irregular and disrupted surfaces. There is an omnipresent risk of puncture, cuts and abrasion - risk factors that can easily turn into more or less serious incidents or accidents.

… the tough get going!

To reconcile the intent of operating in full safety with utmost efficiency and performance, it is necessary to field tools and equipment that are up to the requested tasks.

That is why we have developed Earthmax SR 51, a special tire for loaders and dozers operating at adverse sites. This innovative product is able to offer top traction performance in both driving directions – a crucial requirement for carrying out safely and effectively the most demanding digging and loading operations.

Why is Earthmax SR 51 the perfect tire for the job in a quarry? First of all, thanks to its All Steel structure, which ensures maximum resistance to any kind of aggressive impact, from punctures to the penetration of foreign matters on the terrain. But that’s not all: the extra deep tread (L-5) is made of a special compound for an extended tire life-cycle. A special tread pattern ensures outstanding self-cleaning properties. The squared shoulder design provides effective protection against stones, rocks and debris, which might remain trapped and result into serious tire damage.

This new BKT product is ready to become your next ally against the so many discomforts in quarry operations. Which are the main issues you have to struggle with in these sorts of environment? Share your experience with us!

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