Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 53

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Learn more about our Earthmax SR 53, an All Steel radial tire designed for loader and dozer applications in mines and quarries.

Back again with BKT’s latest arrivals for the first time presented at Intermat last April. Today we are going to talk about the features of Earthmax SR 53.

Along with its fellows Earthmax SR 47 and Earthmax SR 51, this tire was one of the main novelties we took to the Paris trade show for construction vehicles and earthmoving machinery.

Earthmax SR 53 is an All Steel radial tire like all products of the Earthmax lineup. It features a particularly strong and resistant steel-belted structure as well as rigid, non directional blocks optimizing load distribution on the ground.

These few hints are enough to understand that Earthmax SR 53 has been engineered for heavy operations. Heavy operations means hard work to be done. Well, as you can see, our Earthmax SR 53 is the right tire for operating under the most adverse conditions: it has been designed for loader and dozer applications, namely the transport of heavy loads on rocky terrain and uneven surfaces, like those one can find at underground and surface mines as well as quarries, where men, machinery and tires are put to tough tests.

So, why is Earthmax SR 53 the perfect ally on such terrains? Let’s have a closer look at it:   

  • Thanks to the cut resistant compound, the tire is extremely resistant against cuts, punctures, and abrasion – in a word against any type of external impact. Don’t underrate this factor. In quarries or mines, any sort of debris, rocks, or other foreign matters that may easily damage or even blow the tire can be found resulting in unexpected and expensive downtime for the company.
  • Heat resistance: the compound also contributes to dissipate the heat normally produced during heavy operations. Everyone knows that too high temperatures are a tire’s enemy. That is why a heat resistant compound being able to quickly dissipate the heat is an essential feature contributing to a longer tire life.
  • The extra-deep tread is L-5 classified ensuring maximum grip, whatever the condition of the ground. Besides, it shows excellent self-cleaning features: the special lug design and the square shoulder facilitate the ejection of stones or debris which might otherwise remain trapped and damage the tire.

The unique interplay of all these features make the tire extremely durable and profit-yielding: being able to operate more hours during its product-life cycle significantly enhances your corporate profits.

What do you think? Is Earthmax SR 53 the right partner to take to the quarries or mines where you work? Tell us your opinion!

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