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Today we are back in the OTR world and we are going to focus on Earthmax SR 55, the best tire when you have to face the tough conditions of underground mining.

Dear readers, today we are back in the OTR world. More specifically, we wish to tell you something about our loader tire solutions. Among the many patterns of our earthmoving tire range, we are going to focus on Earthmax SR 55, which is the best when you have to face the tough conditions of underground mining.

Problems and difficulties, farewell!

As many of you surely know, working in mines, just as in quarries, implies so many daily difficulties. Underground, dangers are a constant threat: challenging terrain, extreme working conditions, scaffoldings and tunnels are situations that you need to face every day.

Any false step, however insignificant, may result in insecurity and difficulties, compromising your safety. Every day is a new challenge, not only for those who work in these hard situations, but also for tires, which have to endure tough performance and maximum stress conditions.

Is comfort an impossible dream? Maybe not! The answer to your needs is Earthmax SR 55. Let’s discover together what makes it so perfect:

  • The radial All Steel structure makes the tire very resistant to aggressions such as punctures, abrasions and penetrations of all sorts.
  • The smooth and extra-deep tire tread design makes it possible to reach very high productivity peaks, extending the tire life cycle significantly and consequently reducing machine downtimes.
  • Stability is a crucial feature for loader tires operating under extreme conditions. Professionals will love Earthmax SR 55, which will give them the comfort they long for. And the dream will come true!

Do you think Earthmax SR 55 has the right features for mine working? Tell us your opinion!

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