Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 57 1

Made in BKT: Earthmax SR 57

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Earthmax SR 57, the BKT tire ideal for loaders employed in loading or levelling operations in OTR environments. Let’s find out its advantages!

Welcome back, dear friends! You all know our large Earthmax family, don’t you? Tires that are simply cool since they easily move with great agility even in the most critical situations as you can find at big construction sites, in quarries, or mines. This radial tire lineup has been particularly designed to favor a better load distribution on the ground, so that dumpers, wheel loaders, dozers, graders, and some multipurpose vehicles will be able to face any job offering utmost comfort despite and withstanding all risks present at those sites.

Today, let’s focus on one specific pattern. We are actually ready to tell you the story of Earthmax SR 57, the ideal tire for loaders employed in loading or levelling operations in OTR environments. Let’s find out its advantages!

Here comes the Earthmax SR 57 profile

Which are the main features this perfect solution for underground mines can offer? Certainly, its distinguishing marks are superior traction along with stability and comfort on rough and rocky surfaces.

Let’s take a closer look, and let’s reveal all secrets of Earthmax SR 57!

  • All Steel casing. Like all members belonging to its large product family, also Earthmax SR 57 has it typical “armor”. The All Steel structure with multi-ply steel belts confers extraordinary resistance to the casing as well as protection against all unforeseen events, if not challenges, small loaders face and master day after day.
  • Extraordinary resistance and durability. In addition to its reinforced and robust casing, Earthmax SR 57 also boasts an extra deep L-5 class tread along with a special UMS compound for Underground Mine Service, which provides first-class resistance against wear as well as against cut and punctures due to rocks, stones, and debris to be found in underground mines. 
  • Top traction and stability: Earthmax SR 57 is a very suitable solution for all applications requiring excellent grip on the ground. Major adherence on the ground eases and makes the operator’s job more comfortable conferring great stability at the same time – an essential aspect for particular complex and demanding operations.

What do you think? Does Earthmax SR 57 stand up to its family’s renowned name and image? Find out more about the entire tire lineup on our website!

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