OTR: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Tires for Each Terrain
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OTR: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Tires for Each Terrain

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In today’s blog, we will explore the tires that are fit for purpose for different OTR sectors - and their trusty vehicles. Are you strapped in? It’s going to be a rocky ride!

Does your vehicle navigate ‘off the road’? If so, we cannot stress enough the importance of finding the right tires for your vehicle. This is all-the-more crucial if your job involves navigating treacherous terrain. 

OTR tires are specifically designed for off-the-road terrains - hence they are also known as “earth-moving tires”. Picture a sizable construction site or quarry, and you’ll get the idea! These tires need to be robust and immune to all sorts of jagged, abrasive terrain that could easily puncture a standard tire. For example, these types of terrain are typically found in building, demolition, and mining sites. Frankly, these tires need to be able to survive the toughest sectors on earth. 

In today’s blog, we will explore the tires that are fit for purpose for different OTR sectors - and their trusty vehicles. Are you strapped in? It’s going to be a rocky ride! 


Dump Truck Tires 

Dump Trucks do what they say on the tin: they ‘dump’ construction and mining materials. There are two main types of dump truck for off road hauling: rigid and articulated. To learn more about the difference between these two trucks, check out our blog here

In a nutshell, Articulated Dump Trucks are smaller and lighter, and are often used in small construction sites, underground mines and quarries. They may not be well-suited to heavy loads and long haul journeys; however, these versatile vehicles can handle narrower and steeper roads, in addition to extreme weather conditions. And when it comes to different types of terrain - they’re not fazed! 

Articulated Dump Trucks require a tire such as the EARTHMAX SR 30 which is all steel and dual-purposed for loaders and articulated dump trucks. The rigid block pattern provides excellent traction, stability, durability and cut resistance. Our EARTHMAX SR 41 is also ideal for Articulated Dump Trucks, with its all steel structure and special block pattern. 

In contrast, Rigid Dump Trucks are larger with less maneuverability, and therefore cope well with heavy loads across flatter terrain. Also, if you need to transport materials across long distances, this is the truck for you! Subsequently, these trucks tend to be used in surface mines or larger quarries. The EARTHMAX SR 46 is the perfect partner for these slow and steady vehicles, as it is designed to carry heavy loads across harsh mining environments.


Loader & Dozer Tires 

Next up, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular construction vehicles - and the terrains they have to tackle on a daily basis. A loader is a type of tractor which is used to transfer heavy loads on the construction site into another machine. Meanwhile, a bulldozer or dozer is a large motorized machine which pushes material from one end of the site to another. These vehicles handle materials such as soil, rock, sand and debris, and have to navigate different terrains on the site. 

Construction sites are known for being potentially dangerous environments - largely due to uneven and unstable terrain. Also, these open outdoor spaces constantly run the risk of extreme weather conditions! Therefore, you need to ensure that your loaders, dozers, and all other construction equipment are accompanied by the right tires for the job. For example, EARTHMAX SR 22 is an All Steel radial tire which is ideal for loaders that have to operate in extreme winter conditions, such as ice or snow. This tire provides both excellent traction and stability, due to the large and non-directional tread design. 

Similarly, the EARTHMAX SR 51 is an All Steel radial tire specially designed for loaders or dozers dealing with severe operations and unpredictable conditions. This multifaceted tire provides added cut resistance, sidewall protection and exceptional traction, which is just what these beastly machines need! 


Underground Mining Tires 

Finally, let’s head underground. Underground mining vehicles are designed to extract ore underground - at varying depths! As these machines venture deeper into the Earth, the thickness and weight of the overhead rock increases, in addition to an increase in pressure. Plus, as previously discussed, vehicles that carry out any form of mining are specially designed to handle abrasive terrains. There are a plethora of specialist trucks, loaders and diggers that are fit for purpose for underground mining - but which tires are their partner in crime? 

Our POWER TRAX HD premium tire has been specifically designed for underground mining applications. But what are the features that make it fit for purpose? Well, the POWER TRAX HD has a deep tread, an extra thick sidewall and a tough casing, which provide exceptional durability in the most severe conditions. Secondly, we have the MINE STAR: a bias-ply tire which is the ideal accompaniment for heavy-duty underground mining operations. The tire is made of a special compound and features a unique tread design with puncture resistance, ensuring an extended life-cycle - even when facing the toughest terrains! 

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