Eyedoctors en tour… and you can see again! 1

Eyedoctors en tour… and you can see again!

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BKT's Corporate Social Responsibility: let's know more about the Drishti Project, free medical camps for eye tests, especially cataract prevention and surgery, organized by BKT.

Dear readers, you’ll certainly remember our last trip to Bhuj, won’t you? We’ve seen that in addition to a state-of-the-art production site, there is also a great social commitment making Corporate Social Responsibility actually tangible.

During our virtual tour, we’ve observed how strongly BKT cares about their employees’ well-being, having built for them a real village with accommodations and facilities, in line with ethical values. It is a brilliant example of social factory - so to speak - including a hospital, fire-brigade station, a great leisure center, a school, a guest house, and other attractive facilities for the entire community.

Theory has hence already been turned into practice. However, the company continues its commitment by promoting healthcare initiatives.

The Drishti Project – Focus on eyesight at Bhuj

“People are every company’s main resource for growth,” Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT states. Indeed, caring for people has been the starting point of the recent Drishti Project. Through this important initiative, BKT has organized free medical camps for eye tests, especially cataract prevention and surgery. You might know that this disease is one of the major causes for blindness in the world, especially in developing countries. If you suffer from a cataract, your vision gets blurry, and unfortunately this condition worsens as the disease progresses. A surgery is the only cure. Nonetheless, in many countries hospitals are not sufficiently or adequately equipped.

Recently, BKT’s mobile healthcare assistance has travelled to all villages near Bhuj: Dhaneti, Mamuara, Kandherai, Vadvada, Paddhar and Ajrakhpur, so that all inhabitants have been able to receive qualified and adequate medical examination. Over 1,100 patients were checked up. The project has been a great success. About 59 patients have been diagnosed with a cataract and promptly cured, restoring their eyesight. In addition, not less than 239 pairs of glasses have been donated to those who needed some – a really precious and generous gift.

Again, BKT has proven great humanitarian commitment. A corporate philosophy focusing on the well-being and improved living conditions of both the workforce and surrounding communities. A really sensitive and supportive approach that is trend setting for other companies, who are looking for a better future for the coming generations.

Bhuj is an extraordinary example of altruism and generosity, isn’t it? Find out more visiting the BKT website!

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