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Giant Trax is the right choice for skid steer loaders working in demanding environments, where strong and sturdy pieces of equipment are needed

What tires are we talking about today? Let’s see and focus on some waste management facilities. These are demanding environments where strong and sturdy pieces of equipment such as skid steer loaders are needed, along with tires that are up to the task.

If this is what your case, Giant Trax is the right choice for your needs. So, let’s take a closer look!

Heavy duty, durability and resistance

As we’ve seen, the specially designed tire lineup for skid loaders by BKT includes Giant Trax. This tire is particularly suitable for operating on rough surfaces. It has been initiated into the mysteries of any scrap yard operations and recycling applications.

Yet, its main features are its excellent cut-and-tear resistance in heavy-duty operations which turns into a considerably longer tire life-cycle. Moreover, the extra deep tread with wider and sturdier blocks ensures best traction, stability and puncture resistance. Last but not least, the special tread compound protects the tire on any terrain withstanding wear, cuts and tears.

Extraordinary load capacity, outstanding resistance and excellent durability even under the harshest conditions and on the most demanding terrains are the key features of the BKT tire lineup for skid steer loaders.

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