How to choose the right ADT for haulage operations?

How to choose the right ADT for haulage operations?

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Today we are going to talk about articulated dumpers, and more precisely we wish to give you a few tips on how to decide if an ADT suits your needs.

Dear readers, today we are going to talk about articulated dumpers, and more precisely we wish to give you a few tips on how to decide if an ADT suits your needs.

The worst mistake one can make is thinking that it doesn’t matter whether to use a rigid or an articulated dumper (ADT) for transporting material. It’s true that both have great load capacity, but each of them has some peculiar features and specifications. So, before choosing the vehicle to buy, identify the jobs that the ADT will have to carry out. And keep in mind the following points:

  1. Performing operations efficiently

ADTs have been designed to rapidly and safely move large quantities of material, minimizing the cost per ton of the transported material. Compared to rigid dumpers and other earthmoving vehicles, ADTs work well on soft terrain, and usually they are the first to be used in development stage at a site, when ground conditions are the least favorable ones. Choosing the right ADT can help you increase productivity and optimize haulage times.

  1. Choosing the right loading equipment

The question is: How can you increase productivity limiting the number of travels? Well, if you choose an ADT with the right loading equipment, so operators don’t have to wait too long between one and another loading operation.

  1. Scheduled maintenance

We all know the cost of machine downtime, especially if due to equipment failure. The solution is to act before something happens: a special maintenance program is essential to keep your vehicle’s performance unchanged and to ensure a longer life-cycle.  So, before you make your decision about which ADT to buy, check that you can easily reach the engine compartment and the transmission. Regularly check:

  • the lubrication system to avoid failure due to lack of grease.
  • the tire pressure and tire wear.
  • the engine temperature to avoid damages and expensive repairs.

To prevent unpleasant accidents, you can address to companies that are specialized in scheduled maintenance, and observe also the other maintenance recommendations.

  1. Increasing versatility through more options and accessories

ADTs can be equipped with accessories to increase their potential. Some models have a heating kits that are  essential in the coldest season, because it helps moving the engine exhaust through the exhaust body channels, avoiding possible freezing. The cold start-up kit and the heated rear-view mirrors are other useful options for ADTs employed in areas with particularly harsh winters.

  1. Choosing the right tire depending on the application

An important topic we often deal with. Always choose the tires that are suitable for both the equipment and the application. Never undervalue this aspect. By the way...

BKT recommends…

ADTs require extremely resistant and performing tires to support heavy loads. Earthmax SR 41 has been specifically designed for this task. It’s a radial tire with an All Steel structure - ideal for all those operations that require traction and stability on particularly tough terrains.

This tire boasts a deep tread class E-4/L-4, which not only increases the tire life-cycle, but also provides maximum resistance to punctures and foreign matters.

Made of the BKT’s latest-generation compounds, this tire is available in two different versions: with a cut resistant compound for terrains full of debris of various kind and with a standard compound for mixed applications requiring well-balanced performance. 

In short, Earthmax SR 41 is the right tire for your articulated dumpers. Discover the available sizes on our website.

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